We provide employee-benefits, retirement-services, and human-resources outsourcing to meet the specific needs of nonprofits. We understand your passion, your many challenges, and your unique risks. Whether your nonprofit is providing services locally or nationally, we know your issues must be carefully evaluated and the appropriate insurance coverage be provided to address the needs of both employees and volunteers.


Your Needs Are As Unique As Your Mission.

Nonprofits are not like other businesses. You need an insurance partner who understands the nuances and believes in your passion. At Relation, we’re here for you. We can assess your needs, point out opportunities, design custom insurance programs, and maintain a strong relationship with you so that as your organization changes—either through expansion or contraction—your coverage can change, too.

We offer the following tailored risk-management services to help strengthen your organization:

  • Compensation strategies that balance financial realities, employee expectations and your organization’s goals
  • Help minimizing your total cost of public-sector risk and monitoring emerging risks
  • Communication with employees so they understand the value of their benefits packages
  • Maintenance of the most advantageous loss history possible
  • Compliance and legal-issues consulting, including healthcare reform and labor laws
  • Collaborative communication with key stakeholders to build consensus and resolve issues

Success Stories.

We build a foundation of trust with our clients so our insight—data-driven acumen coupled with unrivaled experience—can deliver results that meet their challenges.

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